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Nakto Cruiser 350w

Nakto Cruiser 350w


300W brushless geared hub motor with max torque of up to 45Nm


A fully charged battery can last up to 20 miles and 4 hours to juice up fully


36V/10A Li-ion battery on frame for better weight distribution

Pedal Level

variable speed levels from level 1 to level 5 to provide a smoother assistance

Cycling Fun. Ride Smoothly.

The most prominent feature of a fat tire electric bike is its fat tire. Compared with ordinary tires, fat tires can be used in more road conditions and weather. The NAKTO R&D center deliberately optimized the design of the fat tire surface pattern and conducted hundreds of tests on the durability and damage resistance of the fat tire, and finally selected the best quality model for the fat tire electric bike. 

Fat tires will also give riders a more comfortable riding experience, High-volume tires allow you to run low tire pressures, and low tire pressures typically beget a more comfortable ride. Fat tires take that notion to the extreme. Whereas you might run 60+ psi for a road bike, 40+ psi for a hybrid, and 20+ psi for a mountain bike, fat tire electric bikes allow you to ride with as little as 5 to 10 psi in your tires. 

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Exploring around town quickly and easily can be both fun and safe. NAKTO Cruiser's powerful rear hub geared brushless motor meshes seamlessly with Shimano gears to make easy work of any journey. A reliable mechanical disc brake ensures you can stop in all weather with low maintenance.


Geared Hub Motor


Miles per Charge


Max Torque


Pedal Assist Levels


36V li-ion battery, Located on the down tube of the eBike for better weight distribution. Delivers a range on a single charge up to 22 miles.

Rear Geared Motor

Rear hub motor delivers up to 300W of peak power and 45Nm torque ensuring controlled acceleration.

LCD Display

The LCD screen gives you all the information you care about before next exploration with peace of mind.

    $1,699.00 Regular Price
    $1,499.00Sale Price
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